Why your organization need a unified complaint management system?

Complaints can signal a problem

Your clients and customers are the golden pillar of any company’s success. Building customer loyalty can take years. 
In general customers who are unhappy with your product or service will not complain to you, but they will complain to others and take their business elsewhere.

If one customer submits a complaint, it’s likely that there are other customers experiencing a similar issue. The chances of social media discussion on the complaint is likely and therefore addressing a complaint promptly can help your company save more than one customer relationship.

Complaint management system in Healthcare

When it comes to health and social care organisations addressing a complaint is a loyal task more than it being considered as a concern. Every concern or complaint is an opportunity to improve. As we know that complaints may signal a problem and the information can help save lives, and well-handled concerns will help improve the quality of care for other people.

Complaint management systems are a great way for hospitals to analyse patient satisfaction. Collecting and handling complaints, and receiving positive and negative feedback hospitals allow hospitals to analyse patient satisfaction and improve quality of the care they provide.

Complaint management system in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Complaint data in banks should be considered widely across the compliance management system (CMS). Complaint management accounts into the bank’s overall rating regardless of its size. 

Capture, Process and Track

Banks must capture, process, track, answer and document complaints to ensure a solid program. Beyond handling complaints to comply with the response process, complaint data can be a valuable tool to look at the efficacy and impact of policies, procedures and products, thereby improving the loyalty and reputation of the bank.

In the insurance vertical, an ideal complaint management solution should come with a powerful and flexible workflow platform that can allow the insurer to implement any changes in order to benefit the customer.

Given that a complaint will need to be addressed by different departments such as compliance, legal, agency, underwriting, claims, customer service, and others, it is the most fundamental requirement that the workflow recognizes different work steps, departments, user roles and access permissions at a granular level and allows an insurer to change them based on their specific needs. 

Cognicx’s Complaint Management System is committed to helping businesses build loyalty among their most valuable assets ‘their customers’.

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