Digital Onboarding Solutions

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Our Digital Customer Onboarding solution allows banks and other organizations to do smooth e-KYC checks by analyzing, verifying and authenticating the documents to determine legitimacy. After data validation, the solution enables banks to ensure a real person is trying to onboard themselves through a mobile device or laptop. Using our smart solution, biometric facial recognition and liveness detection help banks to determine if the person is who they say they are. The comprehensive identity verification capability includes:
We also offer a solution that enables mobile identity verification which is not only useful for users to process the purchase of banking products and services, but also serve to complement customer acquisition initiated through other channels, such as branches and contact centres. Therefore, by opting for these solutions, the financial institution does not focus solely on mobile devices, but invests in omnichannel customer acquisition.

It’s the safest, fastest and most transparent way to verify data and documents in business-critical administrative processes. Contact us today to discuss how the solution can be implemented in your business environment.

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