Machine Learning Enabled Applications

Computer vision, customer analytics, recommender systems and much more.

Machine Learning is just one of many applications of AI. Besides AI’s training model and self-aware intelligence capabilities, it also includes image and Speech Recognition, Cognitive Computing, Automatic Analysis, and Predictive Analysis and many more. Our ML experts work with your business goals and focus on designing Machine Learning systems that are capable of applying knowledge acquired via training from enormous sets of data to excel at facial and speech recognition, object recognition, translation, chatbots, etc.
Machine learning experts at Cognicx will help you adopt state-of-the-art practices and elevate your product or service among your competitions. By leveraging complex statistical methods and expertise in a range of ML algorithms and models including Deep Learning, we develop end-to-end machine learning solutions for your particular business needs.

Our Machine Learning Solutions are capable of enabling computer vision, customer analytics, recommender systems, time-series forecasting, fraud detection, and natural language processing.

Discuss your project thoughts with our ML experts today. We will analyse you’re your operational goals and guide you on the next steps with our professional advisory expertise.

Discuss your project thoughts with our ML experts today.

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