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What Are The Requirements And Benefits Of Proactive Monitoring?

Earlier warning of critical issues, featuring Smart Alerts, means your support teams can swing into action more quickly, solving issues faster and reducing the likelihood that issues become severe. The ultimate goal of the contact Centre is to promote positive customer interactions and outcomes. IVR is a key component of the Contact Centre. Any small issue in the IVR can seriously hinder the customer experience and productivity of the Centre.
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The Solution

The status of IVR Server/configured services is constantly monitored This helps to identify and notify the first level of issue and proactively initiate necessary action. The main IVR can log the details that might interrupt the normal functions of IVR with specific error codes, and our solution will read the logs and raise the alerts. All the reports and notifications will come from the monitoring tool platform itself.

The Centralized monitoring solution is capable of monitoring the health of IVR and other related services in the contact centre. The status of each service is constantly monitored. This helps to identify and notify the first level of the issue proactively and initiate necessary action. The solution is capable of reading log files and also supported integration using API. The high available system keeps track of all events in the IVR, CTI and raises alerts. All the reports and notifications will be available in the dashboard and sent to registered email addresses.

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