Creating Customers for Life

According to a 2021 survey results detailed in Forbes, a brand is authentic in its interactions when it acts like a real human and provides a personalized experience — almost 40% of customers in the survey said they’re more likely to feel a personal or emotional connection to that brand.


Investing in a Customer for Life strategy is an effective way to optimise the way you manage your sales and marketing operational costs. Research conducted by Bain & Company revealed that a 5% increase in customer retention rates can increase profits by 20% and 90%.


This doesn’t come as a surprise to marketers in 2021, but it’s a known reality that customer engagement should be more authentic and personal.


Building customer loyalty doesn’t need to be a prolonged process. Creating brand loyalty starts with building great customer relationships. Make sure you’re managing those relationships in a way that lets you focus on what’s more important.    


Here are few CX (Customer Experience) actions that are easy to understand and turn it into meaningful messages to your customers:


  • Identify points of difficulty in your customer journey
  • Assess customer spend and transactions
  • Measure customer retention
  • Track both new and returning customers
  • Make it as easy as possible to buy from you
  • Solve customer problems quickly
  • Be proactive and say thanks

Let’s make the rest of the year for measuring customer success, treating your customers better than your level-players and engaging with customer feedback. You will enjoy genuine long-term customer satisfaction that boosts your profits and puts you ahead of the rest.


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